New Mr. Do Video of Twin Cities Bike Polo

Mr. Do came out with a new video of the recently renamed Twin Cities Bike Polo club, and they’re amazing indoor polo space.

I think this video is one of the best I’ve seen at capturing the spirit of polo. I like it because it captures the spirit of a club as opposed to a tournament. Of course tournaments are awesome, and an important part of polo, but your club is who you hang out with every week – your club is your polo identity.

Peace out Winter – See ya in March

When we got our first downpour of snow last week, I was pretty pumped about it. I put on a studded tire, had a ton of fun riding around on empty streets, and felt pretty cool about it (winter biking is for the glory).  Saturday I spent the day riding around in frigid temperatures and a crazy headwind, and I became a little less enamored with the weather. Then we got another dumping of snow earlier this week, and I thought, ‘You know what. I’m not upset that I’m about to leave town for a month.’

This was about the time I decided that I was ok with it being time for vacation.
This was about the time I decided that I was ok with it being time for vacation.

I’m gearing up for a month long trip, and will escape the northern winter to warmer latitudes. First up, I’m going to Puerto Rico for the infamous 81.5 Bike Polo Tournament with a crew of folks from Boston. Then I’ll travel to Quito, Ecuador for a long overdue reunion with friends down there.  It’s been over 2 years since I’ve been to Quito, and I’m beyond excited to go back for a visit. Last, I’ll end my vacation and start the work part of my trip in Medellin, Colombia for the World Bike Forum. I’m excited to meet in person the people who I have been on hundreds and hundreds of hours of google hangouts video calls with, and to see this event come together after months of insane work.

I’ll be posting along the way. Stay tuned!

This is where I work

Yesterday we had a big event for work where my co-workers Derek and David produced this amazing video about our work. I’m really proud to work at Bikes Not Bombs, and of all the work we do locally and internationally. Check this video out to see more about BNB (and an appearance from yours truly).