New Mr. Do Video of Twin Cities Bike Polo

Mr. Do came out with a new video of the recently renamed Twin Cities Bike Polo club, and they’re amazing indoor polo space.

I think this video is one of the best I’ve seen at capturing the spirit of polo. I like it because it captures the spirit of a club as opposed to a tournament. Of course tournaments are awesome, and an important part of polo, but your club is who you hang out with every week – your club is your polo identity.

Boston Bike Polo Presents: A Polo Cat

Artwork by Michael McDuffee

Boston Bike Polo is hosting a “Polo Cat Race” on September 6th to help make some dough for our 4th Annual Commonwealth Classic. The race will be a tour of Boston Bike Polo history.  We have an awesome route planned, some fun stops, and its going to be a rockin time for all. Race registration costs $10 and gets you $1 buurs at the after party. Come out to support your favorite (and only) local bike polo club!


Back from Ladies Army

I got back into town late last night from an AMAZING 6 days in Toronto for Ladies Army. I want to write all about it right now, but instead I need to unbury myself from work, be a good host for the 4 ladies I brought back from Canada with me, and catch up on sleep.

I’ll write more this weekend, but in the meantime I’ll leave you all with this photo of my great teammates – thanks for playing with me!


Off to Toronto for Ladies Army!


I’m off to Toronto until Monday for Ladies Army 6, a women’s bike polo tournament! It has been a long time dream of mine to go to Ladies Army, but the timing has never been right. But that is all about to change! My friend Gitti and I are teaming up with Sabrina as team Butcherettes. Follow us on Podium!