The Most Beautiful Ride. Ever.

I spent the last hour of the ride today trying to go through a list of memorable bike rides in my mind sorted by continent, and to compare if any of them were more beautiful than this. I decided that no, no ride I’ve ever been on has been as beautiful as this.

I asked my friend Kiki to go for a ride with me while in Kenya and she recruited her friend and coach Sam to led us on an incredible ride through coffee and tea farms outside Nairobi. These pictures don’t nearly do enough to capture the landscape. And the single track was too fun and steep to think of stopping for action shots. On rides like these it’s hard to stop yourself to take out the camera, because that would mean doing anything other than looking around with a gaping open mouth in amazement.

It was crazy to me how quickly we left the intense urban density of Nairobi, which I haven’t left for the last two weeks, and found ourselves within 30 ish minutes riding on dirt paths through farms. The singletrack led us through steep quick descents, over creeks, and up steep tracks on the other side, and then some long long climbs connecting them. It felt like we spent 85% of the day climbing, but then were rewarded with a long swooping downhill back into the outskirts of Nairobi (which was on a highway, full of trucks and buses, and much more like the riding I’m used to in Nairobi).

This ride got me extremely excited for vacation in one week in Rwanda, where I’ll meet my dad for a 3 day trip along the Congo Nile trail. I think the landscape will be similar, and the hills longer and steeper, but if it’s anything like today, I can’t wait.

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