Friday Link Love

It’s Friday! So you know its time for some link love.

Amazon On A Bicycle posted an awesome article on media coverage of the now infamous Red Hook Crit. So many things I can relate to in this article about women and sports.

You don’t get to ignore us, or belittle us, or take away our agency. For centuries, they told us strong women were freaks, that they were undesirable, and they attempted to breed the fire out of us in favor of our softer qualities. Half a century ago, they thought we’d become infertile– and therefore, useless, in their eyes– if we ran, or pedaled, or swam too hard. For years, we endured the message: women can’t play sports.

On a similar note, A Quick Brown Fox posted ‘Yes I Can! Learning to Believe in Myself’. This falls in with a bunch of articles I’ve read recently about how women internalize society’s low expectations of women in sports, and therefore we’re not setting ourselves up for success. A lot of these articles have inspired me to try to step-up my expectations of myself, and to not give others a reason to not believe in me. For example, I went mountain biking with a friend and texted them ahead of time as we were making plans that it was my first ride of the season and that I’d be pretty rusty. Afterwards I thought to myself – that’s exactly what all these articles have been talking about! Stop it Charlotte!

Do you do that? What are you trying to do to change it?

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