Spring has Sprung

A friend and I went out for a ride this morning, and it was my first long(ish) ride since probably October/November. In case you haven’t heard, we had a bit of a rough winter here in the northeast (the only place on the entire GLOBE where it was colder than average this winter). The last 2-3 weeks we’ve had nice days here and there, but they’ve always fallen on weekdays or weekend days when I had to work. But not today! To start the season we rode out to Ride Studio Cafe for a coffee and back. About 30 miles, which was perfect for a first ride. We started at 7:30 and it was about 34F out and was about 39F by the end. I rode in knickers, a wicking base layer and my rain jacket. Only my toes were cold, but other than that it was just about perfect.


I know I’m probably optimistic in thinking this is truly the beginning of spring, but damn it felt good to get out riding after this winter.


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