Friday Link Love

It’s been about FOREVER since I wrote a Friday Link Love. So here we go:

My friend, and bike organizing badass, Laura presented at the Women Bike Forum and wrote up a storify about their experience presenting on the panel ‘Advocacy through a Gender Lens‘ presenting on Grease Rag’s work, and especially focusing on trans* inclusion within gendered bike spaces. So rad! Definitely check it out.

Unfortunately there was also some ugly backlash to their comments about trans* inclusion in traditionally defined ‘womens’ bike spaces. Self-identified feminists tweeted that including trans* and non-gender conforming folks voices undermined women’s oppression. But to separate one form of oppression from another only acts as way of trying to divide us, and obscures that all forms of oppression are linked.

In other news, I came across a book from the early 1900s called ‘Bicycling for Ladies‘ with hints as to the art of wheeling – advice to beginners – dress – care of the bicycle-mechanics – training – exercise, etc. etc. THIS IS SO COOL. Badass turn of the century ladies talking about bike mechanics and wrenching! I’ve only briefly looked through it, but you can bet that I will be posting more about this book as I make my way through it.

And lastly, rad video of the women’s track team in Minneapolis Koochella.

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  1. Thanks for the shoutouts and for paying attention to our work, from Minneapolis to DC, from Boston. Means the world to have your support!

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