Nele’s Cargo Bike

Last week my friend, and Lady Power polo teammate, Nele Dittmar from Halle, Germany sent me a link to an article about a cargo bike she recently designed and helped construct. And it is BEAUTIFUL. (The article is in German, but if you open it in Chrome you can translate it).


This bike it pretty damn cool, and a totally new design. It’s neither front nor rear loading, but keeps the weight of the cargo between the two wheels. It’s built for a specific types of cargo, and meant for a city environment where storage space is limited. It’s the first cargo bike I’ve seen in a while that I feel like I could keep in a city apartment (the fact that I live on the 3rd floor and have to carry my bikes up and down 3 flights of stairs is the only thing that keeps me from buying a cargo bike – but with this bike it seems manageable).

This frame has all sorts of awesome design features:


My favorite feature is the steering set-up – a chain connects the two headsets: one at the handlebars, the other at the fork. She says that the steering feels seamless and you don’t notice the weight at all. Ingenius!


Look how classy the brazing looks!


It’s all about the details:



Thanks Nele for sharing this. I am super impressed and can’t wait to see what else you design in the future!

If you’re interested in contacting Nele about her design you can reach her at

Rumors are she’s teaming up with Josef Vogeltanz, of polo team Octopussy, for more of this design in the future!

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14 thoughts on “Nele’s Cargo Bike

  1. Beautiful cargo bike. The problem with a technical design is, when cargo is loaded, you can’t turn pedals, it needs a more room for the foot fingers.

  2. The lack of toe clearance is one issue (easily solved by lengthening the bike a bit), but preventing slop in the steering seems like a bigger potential problem. There is no way to tension the steering chain. Replace the chain and cogs with cables and cams like the Frances bikes. Otherwise I love this bike.

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