Looking Forward to 2015, and back on 2014

I like to start a new year thinking about the last one. What I did. What I didn’t do. What I accomplished. And I have to say that overall 2014 was a pretty good year. Especially in terms of biking. I looked over my 2014 Bike Goals, and I feel pretty good looking at that list knowing that I did almost everything listed (the two exceptions being that I’m still tech illiterate and haven’t switched this over to womanonawheel.com, and I didn’t make it to Quito this year – but I’m going in a month!).

In 2014 I kept traveling and went to Brazil, Ghana and Mexico for work, and learned tons from each trip. I went to Ladies Army for the first time and felt super inspired by all the badass lady polo slayers I met. I rode the D2R2 with my parents, and not only did I not die, it was a blast and I’m really looking forward to the next one. I led friends on bike trips across state lines (not very hard in New England). A co-worker and I started organizing 6-pack shuffle rides and I explored parts of Boston I would have never found otherwise.

And I built up a fleet of bikes. I started the year with a fixie and a polo bike, and ended the year with the same polo bike, a touring/road/cross bike, a mountain bike, and last month I finally finished building up a winter commuter/around town bike. (The new bike might be my fav. Shhh. Don’t tell the others)

Newest bike in my collection. And the most rad.
Newest bike in my collection. And the most rad.

So what are my bike goals for 2015? I’m so glad you hypothetically asked.

– Continue to build Femmechanics, have other people feel empowered to be leaders of the collective, and move towards world domination (Low – you know what I’m talking about). Slightly more realistic for 2015 – open a second Femmechanics location on the other side of the river.

– Organize a Babes in Beantown Bikeland (or something like it) because going back to Minneapolis for Babes in Bikeland last year was super inspiring. Gotta bring something like that here.

– Mountain biking. Mountain biking. Mountain biking. I bought the perfect bike at the end of the season and only got out a handful of times. 2015 will be a mountain biking year.

– Be a good board member of Boston Bike Polo. Raise our profile in the city, and get some new folks playing polo.

– Do a multi-day bike camping trip. It’s been a while since I’ve done a bike camping trip over more than a weekend.

– Try to blog more consistently. I was doing pretty well up until mid-November. Whomp whomp.

– More miles. More hills.  More biking in shitty weather. More exploring. More riding to bodies of water. More biking to go swimming. More shuffles. More races. More rides. More polo.

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