Friday Link Love

The benefit of not blogging for a month and a half is that now I’ve accumulated a bunch of links to share with everyone. Sometimes slacking works in your favor.

First up, my friend and polo teammate from GLDTTH Jackie did an interview with Revolutionary Fitness Radio about trans* athletes and equality within sports and athletic communities, and how that relates to her experiences with bike polo. Jackie is an inspiration at all times – and this interview is no exception. Definitely give it a listen. Also this podcast seems rad, and I want to try to listen in to future episodes.

Next one comes from my mom (thanks Mom!) – she sent me a Buzzfeed article ‘18 Badass You Probably Didn’t Hear About in 2014‘. Lots of inspiring folks that I had not heard about. My favorite:

"The Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon @brooklynmuseum is under way! #Art+Feminism #projectcontinua #Readwomen2014 "
“The Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon @brooklynmuseum is under way! #Art+Feminism #projectcontinua #Readwomen2014 “

A cause near and dear to my heart – Ladies Army – annually the largest women’s bike polo tournament in the world, is doing an IndieGoGo campaign. If so inclined, throw them some money and get some cool postcards and art!

I’m going to paraphrase what someone else said about ‘15 REAL Reasons to Date A Woman Mountain Biker‘ – “fucking word.” Finally a not sexualized list of why it’s cool to date women who bike.

For fun – People Who Bike published ‘10 Bike Trends That Should Be Brought Back.’ I don’t agree with all of them, but I am sooooo down with bringing back neon everything (clearly. did you see my new bike?). And really. Any list that contains a picture from Clueless is cool with me.

Lastly – the Washington Post wrote up ‘What Leading Feminists Want to Accomplish this Year.’ Lot’s of awesome things to think about, be inspired by, and work towards this year.

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