Back from Mexico

Hey Everyone. I’m back from an amazing, inspiring trip to the BiciRed BiciCongreso in Tuxtla, Mexico. I wish I had time to write all about it right now, but Cranksgiving is around the corner and so I’m going to wait until next week to write up some thoughts about the trip.

For now, I’ll post this action from the Congreso. During one of the night rides we went to a plaza and made the number 43. 43 stands for the number of disappeared students in Ayotinzapa, Mexico, where the local mayor ordered police to give the 43 students to a drug cartel. Although the students have not been found, they are assumed dead. After this photo was taken BiciRed released a press statement about the disappeared students and their stance in relation to government accountability in Mexico. It was both a sobering and inspiring action to be a part of.

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