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September is turning out to be a crazy month, so I apologize that I haven’t been blogging as much. Last week I was in Minneapolis for Babes in Bikeland (hopefully I’ll have a write-up this weekend because it’s basically the greatest thing ever), I’m currently sitting in a cafe in Brooklyn where I’m in town for the People’s Climate March and next week I’m taking a road trip down to Lexington Kentucky for the NAH Bike Polo Bench Championships. So let’s just say it’s a busy month.

But enough with the excuses – here’s your weekly round-up (or really – things I’ve read over the last few weeks…).

5 Issues in Women’s Cycling that are more important than THAT kit. We’ve all seen it. THAT kit. The one of the women’s Colombian cycling team that makes it look like a panel of their kit is intentionally nude. Apparently it’s gold. Whatever. It is NOT the most important thing happening in women’s cycling. And who is surprised that the image of the Colombian cycling team is the most re-posted thing I’ve ever seen of professional women’s cycling? It’s so predictably frustrating.

Next, Elly Blue wrote ‘Closing the Gap‘ about a month ago, but it is still important/this is the first Link Love since it was published. It’s a lot of basic advice for how to close the gender gap in cycling. For me the most important point she brings up is the following:

Think about dishes and day care drop-off
Are you in a heterosexual relationship? If so, do you equally divide child care and chores? I’m afraid that statistically speaking, you probably don’t and this unequal division affects both you and your spouse’s transportation habits,  not to mention your participation in cycling sports. If this sounds familiar, have a conversation about leveling the playing field at home. Trying something new might just put new fire in your relationship and inspire you both to go out and advocate for safer streets where anyone at all can take the kids to day care on the way to picking up some groceries without majorly fearing for their lives.

Domestic labor is so important! In my travels around the world, the uneven distribution of domestic labor is one of the few universal things I’ve seen that prevent women from cycling from the US to China to Sierra Leone. It’s a hell of a lot harder to bike when you are the one responsible for traveling with children and picking up groceries from the store or market, not to mention that you also have less time for those activities as is because you’re also responsible for cooking and cleaning. This is why we need to simultaneously revolutionize the home/domestic space (which includes mixed use zoning in order to facilitate domestic labor) in order to also achieve the bike revolution.

Lastly, 21 Photos of Real Women Who Bike. It’s not the first compilation of photos I’ve seen of women holding up signs and trying to break the stereotype of female cyclists, but it is a good one. And of course – my fav: (someone commented that they thought this person looked like me – I’ll take it as a compliment!)

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