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Friday Link Love is back! I’ve been on a bit of a summer vacation from blogging, but I’m back and 86% focused!

First up, in local Boston news, the Boston Globe wrote a really awesome article about the jump park by Jamaica Pond that is going to be be destroyed. I think the article takes a great view of admiring how incredible this jump park is, and how sad it is that certain people are unwilling to compromise and work with the jump park stewards. The Parks Department is getting put in a spot where they are going to destroy the jumps (to the tune of $10,000), but it seems like they are sad to do so.

Emma Pooley is retiring from professional women’s cycling. : (

As Pooley talks about the chance to race triathlons around the world and travel at her own pace, while still seeing how much she can improve, it seems the logical next step, especially as she wouldn’t have many opportunities to improve in road cycling.

The women’s calendar is a lonely place for a climber and time-trial star. It’s lost a lot of races in recent years, including two of its three Grand Tours – the Tour de l’Aude, and the women’s equivalent of the Tour de France, the Grande Boucle.

In other women’s professional cycling news, Team Specialized Lululemon are losing their big sponsors and are starting a crowd-sourced sponsorship campaign to help keep the top women’s professional team on the road.

And Scrymgeour has another trick up her sleeve this year.  She is launching a crowd-funding campaignon Indiegogo to help secure a portion of the team’s total budget. “We have some good interest in title sponsorship,” she says. “But I want to do something different to create excitement. People want to get involved and this way they can be involved in ways they’ve never been before. Everyone who contributes will be a team member and will have access to exclusive information and opportunities.”

Here is their video appeal:


And this. Everything about this.

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  1. ah yea, thanks for that last video. But I would really love a bit more commentary about the issues you bring up. Maybe you dont have anything to add about Pooley walking away but your opinions are more interesting to me than the news clippings so if ya can please do.

    1. I appreciate that you enjoy the commentary! And weeks when I’m more on top of my shit, I will make sure to have more of it.

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