Bike T-Shirt Collection


The other day my co-worker and I were joking about how we only own bike t-shirts, and after I went  home I rummaged through my dresser to confirm that it’s true. I more or less own two types of t-shirts: bike t-shirts and plain shirts with very few exceptions. And within that my bike t-shirts more or less fall into three categories: bike polo, bike feminism, and Bikes Not Bombs. I clearly have very specific interests. It’s also sort of funny to take these photos and blog about this now considering that I threw out/donated a bunch of my t-shirts a few months ago, and these were the shirts I decided I couldn’t part with.

I’m also now realizing I missed a few that are at work/in the laundry/in that drawer of my dresser that I always forget I keep my overflow t-shirts in. This is at least a good sampling.


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