Must-have Biking Accessory: BSkinz Spandex


Yesterday I got my most important spring/summer biking accessory in the mail – a grab bag of BSkinz spandex. These are hands down the most important bike clothing I own.

SONY DSCI’ve had two pairs of BSkinz shorts since college when my whole frisbee team wore these as our team uniforms (pursesnatchers das wassup!), and they have since become irreplaceable for wearing under skirts and dresses while biking around town. After four years of use, it was time to replace my old pairs, and I ordered from BSKinz again without hesitation. These spandex are well-made, the perfect length for biking, and LOUD (I’m not one for subtlety…).

Normally one pair of these shorts costs about $20 (and it would still be totally worth it), BUT you can get a grab bag of 3 random overstock ones for the low price of $15! I took my chances with the grab bag and got these three beauties in the mail.

If you’re looking for a fun alternative to bike shorts for just riding around town, these are a great option. Check it out!


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