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Hey Everyone –

I just got back to Boston last night after an amazing month in Ghana. I’ll write a bit more this weekend/next week about my trip, but suffice to say it was awesome. My internet access this last month has been really limited, so I’ll be getting back to regular blogging now that I’m back stateside.

And in that spirit, Friday Link Love returns!

My friend Lauren wrote up a great guide on how to host group rides.

It goes without saying, but create a ride that you would want to do anyways, even if nobody showed up. Be excited about your ride. Talk it up. Let it ooze from your pores. Enthusiasm is infectious.

The Hairpin recently posted the infamous Nellie Bly interview of Susan B. Anthony on cycling. It is always inspirational to re-read this interview for me.

Thanks Jason for sending me this video!

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2 thoughts on “Friday Link Love

  1. While I liked the concept behind the “Get yourself seen” video, I was surprised that in a video that is supposed to be about safety, how many of the bikers (especially women – urr) were not wearing helmets. Just saying…

  2. Oops – left the comment in the wrong place. Typical! Anyway, while I liked the message of the “Get Yourself Seen Video”, I was surprised that so many of the bikers (especially women – urr) were not wearing helmets.
    Welcome Home, Char!
    your mom

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