Friday Link Love

Here it is. Your weekly round up.

The good:

These aren’t pictures of rad women on bicycles, but they are rad pictures of women on motorbikes in Morocco. I’ll let it slide this time, because the pictures are too cool not to check out.

The great:

A Kenyan mocumentary about the NGO industrial-complex – as someone who works for a small-scale non-profit that does international work, there are so many things that are absolutely spot-on about this TV show.

Art Crank’s Best Bike Stories of 2013 – featuring a story from yours truly.

The bad:

This story of an off-duty police officer being acquitted of felony charges of a hit-and-run with a female cyclist in Chicago made me pretty angry.

The practical:

Some advice on how to wash your bike from Bicycling Magazine. Seems topical considering I saw a guy ride his bike in and out of a car wash earlier this week. Let me tell you, his bike looked super clean, but his chain also looked real dry.

The thought-provoking:

A slide show about how much bike mechanics get paid in America. Definitely read this, and think about supporting bike shops that are known to pay mechanics well and provide mechanics with benefits.

The hilarious:

Portland canceled it’s Worst Day of the Year to Ride Day because of bad weather. When this broke, I saw my facebook feed explode from Minneapolis cyclists unable to contain their laughter.

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