+ Bikes – Smog

Biciaccion from Quito, Ecuador is organizing a campaign called ‘+ Bicis, – Smog’ focused on the air quality of Quito. In the video, the group is chalking in a big tunnel in the city, and its walls are black from the smog of the cars and buses that circulate there everyday. They propose more bikes as a way forward in cleaning up the air quality of Quito.

This campaign really reminds me of BiciRed‘s campaign called ‘Hazla de Tos’ (Make Them Cough), which is being coordinated across Mexico. Recently there was an action where groups created fake graveyards to signify the number of people who die form air quality related illnesses every year in Mexico.

Interesting to see many groups across Latin America organizing around biking and air quality. Definitely interested to talk to folks about this at the forum.


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