I Heart Backpacks

You know what’s one of my favorite things? BACKPACKS. You know what I haven’t had in a long time? A backpack. I’ve been rocking an old TimBuk2 messenger bag for the last few months since moving to Boston, and it’s been alright because my commute is only 3-4 miles. I’ve also been very conscious of not putting much in my bag. But now all this is changing. I got a gift in the mail this weekend of a new Banjo Bros Metro Backpack. And let me tell you. I’m pretty excited.

It’s all about the bag straps people.

Do you know why I am personally not a fan of messenger (one-shoulder) bags?

1. Boobs.

2. One-shoulder.

3. Boobs.

If you are a large-chested person there is no way to get a messenger bag to sit right. It will always squish/crunch/be generally uncomfortable. It’s slightly better if you have the second strap that attaches from the hip to the cross-strap, and it really helps out with the weight, but still – the boobs. My current bag collection, as shown above, includes 1. the TimBuk2 bag with no extra strap and therefore the most uncomfortable, 2. my new backpack – the most comfortable, and 3. a BaiCyclon bag by BagJack I got from Mallet Dolorosa last year. In general, I like the BagJack bag because it has a second strap to help distribute weight – and mostly for sentimental reasons because anything that reminds me of Mallet Dolorosa makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I normally use it as my polo bag because I could probably crawl up and sleep in that bag it is so big. Since I purposely chose my apartment based on its distance to the polo court live pretty close to the court, the weight doesn’t bother me too much either.

But now that I have a backpack again, I wonder how I survived so long without one. Sorry messenger bags, I have a new bag in my life.

Backpacks. How I love thee.
Backpacks. How I love thee.

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