Friday Link Love

Here is a Friday round-up of some bike articles to read this week. Happy Friday Everyone!

Girls Biking to Work’s super useful advice about How to Put Your Bike on Amtrak.

Elly Blue talks to Salon about “The Unstoppable Rise of Bikes.”

You’ve probably seen in New York City just a huge increase in the amount of bicycles in the street every day just because of bike-share and the new infrastructure. But that stuff happens because there’s a popular movement – because people are convinced and eager and demanding more. So I definitely am making the argument that if you build it, they will come, but a prerequisite to them building it is us demanding it.

Urban Velo’s article on ‘Dorothy Wong, Queen of Cyclocross.’

“It was an 8-mile race and I had gotten all this instruction from all these amazing women and I finished the race and I threw the bike on the ground and I screamed,” she says, recalling her moment of discovery.

Al Jazeera’s ‘The Truth About Bike Lanes‘ questions if redistributing road-space for a minority population of cyclists is akin to socialism – maybe that explains why Americans hate bikes so much!

Bike lanes, and the self-satisfied travelers thereon — need I point out that I have cycled to work over the Brooklyn Bridge for going on 10 years? — constitute a direct spatial challenge to the automobile. They confiscate valuable property from the car and redistribute it, in nigh-socialist fashion, for use by another mode of transport.

And lastly, an ingenious piece of advice from Minneapolis Bike Babe Lauren Haun – she schedules in monthly times to clean her drivetrain on her google calendar and measure her chain to make sure she keeps her bike clean, well lubed, and catches at first sign when her chain is getting too stretched. I’m going to start scheduling regular bike cleans on my calendar too!

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