Friday Link Love

Here is the weekly round-up of the articles you already read, you haven’t read but should, and just some stuff I found on the internet.

First – Jana Velo. You are a bike hero! This woman is incredible, and here is MPR interviewing her and snapping some sweet photos of her winter bike commuting around the Twin Cities. She has a 12-mile bike commute in the land that is colder than Mars (or whatever comparison is hip this week). My fav quote:

“I think drivers generally feel sorry for people who are on a bike for the winter, especially since it’s been really cold,” Velo said. “There’s more abuse from drivers when the weather is nicer because maybe they don’t want to open their windows during the winter” to yell.

Speaking of crazy Minnesota winter biking, this week I watched (my facebook feed) in awe as people (a person) I KNOW participated in the incredible Arrowhead Ultra race in Northern Minnesota. It is a 135 mile race by foot, ski, or bike, in the area that borders Canada. This year the temperature at the starting line was -27F. The race boosts a completion rate of less than 50%. No kidding. I give mad ups to anyone who has ever attempted this race. I.. well… I just don’t have words. My boy Patrick wrote an great article for Pedal MN about the race.

And now some stories about more reasonable Minnesota winter biking – Lowrah lays out her third winter biking rule.

Now, somethings not from Minnesota and not about winter biking:

Bikey Face finds her voice.

321Polo puts together a hardcourt soundtrack.

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