Bluegrass Helmet Review

SONY DSCI bought this Bluegrass helmet 7 months ago in Berlin, and so far it has treated me very well. Especially now that winter has begun, I have a new level of appreciativeness for this helmet.

I am a fan of skate-style helmets. I like putting stickers on my helmet.. and that’s the entirety of the reasoning behind my preference. I think that the more you like your helmet, the more committed you will be to wearing it. I’ve had a few scares where helmets have made a big difference, and so I wear mine everywhere and so it’s important to me to like how it looks. I like to personalize things, and the stickers on my helmets tell a story of where that helmet has been with me.

The one thing that I was not thrilled with when I ordered this helmet was that there weren’t any plain color options. All of the helmets had pre-fab designs. I picked the red one with a monkey on it because it was the least egregious. I still think it’s weird, but compared to the other options its tame.

SONY DSCBut what sold me on the helmet, and the reason why I like it so much, is because it has an adjustable dial in the back. This has normally been the one drawback for me about skate-style helmets – you couldn’t get that same tight, dialed in fit like you can with road style helmets. Given my constantly changing length and width of hair, and wearing different hats for different seasons, being able to dial in has opened up a whole new world. Now I don’t have to give myself a headache by stuffing a too thick hat underneath, and it doesn’t bounce around on my head when my hair gets patted down.

And for a skate-style helmet it’s surprisingly light and breathable. Much more so than the Bern helmet I was wearing before this one.

Overall if you can get past the crazy designs, this helmet is awesome, and I’m highly satisfied with my purchase.


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