Hell’s Belles Barcelona

To everyone who was at Hell’s Belles in Barcelona last weekend – I don’t think I have ever been so jealous looking at tourney pictures. This year was the third edition of Hell’s Belles – a co-ed and ladies bike polo tournament. In it’s first year the tournament was a ladies majority tournament (meaning teams could be two women and one dude), but this year only the first day of the tournament was co-ed, and the second two days were a women’s tournament (in it’s second year Hell’s Belles was a one-day ladies tournament before the London Open). Check out these photos of the tournament – the courts were right next to the beach, and it looks amazing.

HUGE SHOUT OUT to my friend Gitti who won MVP of the tournament! Gitti, already featured here, is back to polo and tearing it up. Can’t wait to play with her at Ladies Army next year – MBT domination!

MVP Gitti!
MVP Gitti!

Final Results:
1st: KAPOW! – Elena, Joanne, Angie
2nd: V.A.J. – Valley, Anna, Johanna
3rd: Femme de voyou – Margot, Pauline, Elodie
4th: One night – Natalie, Julie, Zsofia
5th: Rowdies – Catarina, Gitti, Andrea
6th: Catnip – Kat, Eliska, Marta
7th: La Pantera Rosa: Amilia, Margot J, Jess
8th: Shitstorm Sisters – Alison, Adrienne, Josie
9th: Destructive Divas- Alice, Juliane, Cat
10th: The Daltons – Katharina, Petra, Kathrin
11th: Girls Gone Weird – Maddie, Mya , Fuschia
12th:Jamón iberico – Filipa, María, Mariro

UPDATE: Here is another set of awesome photos to check out.

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