ArtCrank story about Babes in Bikeland

ArtCrank recently published an interview with Kat McCarthy, Laura Kling, and Ginny Herman about Babes in Bikeland.

Babes In Bikeland is an alleycat race for women, transgender and femme (WTF) cyclists. Heading into its seventh year, the race is stronger than ever, attracting riders from around the country. We talked to Kat McCarthy, Laura Kling and Ginny Herman — three of the amazing women responsible for Babes In Bikeland and the pre-Babes Wanderabout ride — about their loves for bikes, what the race is all about, and how it’s changed their lives.”

Babes in Bikeland is (probably) the largest women’s/trans alley-cat in the world, and I have been lucky enough to race the race once. It was SO MUCH FUN. And I say that even though I had an accident within the first 3 minutes of the race, and couldn’t finish – and all that being said I still had A BLAST. The atmosphere is so supportive and encouraging, and you get to meet tons of rad cyclists.

“Encouraging WTFs (women/trans/femme) to ride or race and having the boys club to run the stops makes for a completely different alleycat. The positive energy, encouragement, and straight-up loud dudes cheering at each stop makes for my favorite race as a Lady Biker in the cities.” 

Check out the interview, and if you are anywhere close to the Twin Cities make sure to go check out the greatest alley-cat of the year!

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