BiciMacadamia Machine

Here are some photos and a short video of a BiciMacadamia machine that Carlos Jr. made this week. The machine de-shells macadamia nuts in a way that is both time efficient, and cost effective.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have any macadamia nuts to use as an example, and instead had to use a small plastic ball. The machine works by dumping the nuts with their shells into the front of the machine. Then, while the nuts travel down and around the tire, the pressure of squeezing the nuts between the metal and the tire pops the shells off. At the end you get de-shelled macadamia nuts which farmers can sell for a higher profit that the nuts with the shells still on.


These pictures showcase how beautiful the machine is. Carlos Jr. is incredibly detail oriented, and really takes the phrase ‘measure twice, cut once’ to heart. It’s awesome to see the pride he takes in his work, and the amazing results.

bicimacademia3 bicimacademia2

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