To Berlin Bike Polo (and really German Bike Polo in general)

Dear Berlin Bike Polo –

Now that I’ve said goodbye, I just want to say I’ll miss you all, and thanks for everything.

When I arrived off the plane in Berlin with no place to stay, you let me sleep on your floor for a week even though you’d never even met me. I wasn’t even going to stay in Berlin, but after meeting you all I couldn’t leave. Once I decided to stay in Berlin, you found me an apartment to sublet even though we had only really talked once.


After sticking around for a while, and playing a lot of pick-up, you helped me improve my polo game. And introduced me to the greatest bike polo team that has yet to play a tournament – MBT (Ladies Army here we come).  You cheered for me, heckled me, and collectively broke half the spokes in my front wheel (at one point you broke 8 in one crash). You invited me to tournaments, and let me tag along on road trips (but maybe I should have stayed at home for the road trip with 5 bikes, 5 people, 2 dogs, and a lot of wet, smelly equipment in a small station wagon).


And to the rest of German Bike Polo – thanks for letting me crash at your places, and pitch a tent near the court. Thanks for giving me coffee, cooking me breakfast, and giving me Peppermint Schnapps : ). And thanks for hosting the some of the best tournaments I’ve been to.


Most of all – thanks for welcoming me into your polo community, and making it feel like home.

I’ll miss you all. See you soon.

3-2-1 Polo!



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