Gitti’s Wheelcovers

In February my friend Gitti had a really terrible bike accident. When I say bad, I mean bad. She broke her foot so bad that she had to get some metal implanted in her foot to reconstruct the bone.  She was out of polo for a while – and for anyone who knows her, you know how much it was killing her not to play.


The good news is that Gitti is back, and healthy, and used her time away from polo to dream and fantasize about building up her perfect polo bike. And now the bike is built, and she is back to tearing it up on the court.


The coolest part of her bike? She screenprinted the x-rays from her surgery onto her wheelcovers, and it looks  awesome. Check it out.

(Daniel – who was involved in the crash – signed the wheelcovers too. It adds a nice touch.)


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