Carishina en Bici Manifest

I was checking out the Carishina en Bici blog the other day, and came across this manifest they uploaded to express who they are, what they do, and how Carishina en Bici fits into how they envision a better world (translation below). I think it’s a creative way to summarize a lot of their ideals and optimism in one, easy to read flow-chart thing.

I could talk and write about Carishina en Bici just about all day, every day (check out this one, this one, or this one). I’m so proud of everything that this organization is, and all the work that they do to get more women riding in Quito. I can’t wait until I’m reunited with them (sometime soon I hope), and in the meantime I hope they all know I’m sending them long-distance bike love.


rough translation: Who are we? woman + bikes in quito ecuador = Carishina en Bici with no limits to age, religion, political tendencies  or nationalities. We are volunteers (and want to keep being volunteers) that dream that bikes as a mode of transportation have the capacity to empower women. 1. We want to spread joy, independence, and liberty (the fun is between your legs) to many, many women. 2. We want to create a just and humane society. We dream about more smiles on the street, and empowering people to use public space as a way to relate ourselves to peace, visibility, solidarity, coexistence, and other beautiful things. And you – are you a Carishina en Bici?

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